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About Us

The Audible Avenue Journey

Devoted to Exceptional Sound Performance

Established in 2021 in response to catalytic market opportunities of providing superlative sound innovation at intensely competitive prices for install spaces, Audible Avenue began as a seed of thought way back in 2015.

Staying true to our original motto of “Aspiring Beyond Excellence”, Audible Avenue has evolved into an elite engineering and manufacturing company that harmonizes years of carefully honed sophisticated sonic sensibilities and comprehensive design cognizance into exceptionally synchronous pro audio solutions.

The result - flawless sound performance for venues of all kinds – always and everywhere

Ingenious Electronic Components

Ingenious electronic components is undoubtedly one of Audible Avenue’s foremost strengths. Audible Avenue products are designed, engineered and manufactured in-house, thereby allowing us to seamlessly blend state-of-the-art transducer technology from industry leading brand FaitalPRO – taking into account key performance aggregators like finite element analysis, and the linear and non-linear behavior of loudspeakers. The resulting Audible Avenue loudspeaker technologies contribute to not only quick and easy system design and installation, but also hassle-free management of the overall sound system as well.

Elegant and Efficient Design Ideology

The aesthetically superior visual designs of Audible Avenue products are created at our Product Research Analytics and Development facility in Canada, keeping in mind the fundamental concept of unassuming utilitarian beauty. Our range of elegant products attest to our goal of offering the most sonically pleasing environments while maintaining the visual integrity of the spaces.

Unparalleled Quality Control

Quality control is a priority for every product we make; as we ensure the highest standard of quality management workflows and infrastructure is maintained at all Audible Avenue design, manufacturing and assembly facilities. Multiple stages of uncompromised testing measures – the parameters of which include rigidity, resistance, temperature and voltage sensitivity among others – allows us deliver products that are not just aesthetically appealing and high on performance, but also safe, easy to use, extremely reliable, and durable.

Comprehensive Sales & Service Network

Audible Avenue boasts a strong network of sales and service support channels; with presence and availability in over 30 cities across India assuring our customers the same level of sales, service, and support for affiliates and customers everywhere.*

* Availability of some products may vary according to region. You can contact your nearest Audible Avenue representative for details.

Assuring Better Sonic Experiences

Audible Avenue’s motto of “Aspiring Beyond Excellence” is applied not only in the design and manufacturing of our products, but also in the acoustic design and consulting services that we render for esteemed projects and eminent venues. We also offer bespoke custom-designed systems to suit the needs of discerning clients.

Audible Avenue AA Series

In addition to sights and aroma, sound is perhaps the one of the most important factors to influence the atmosphere of any given space. That’s because a superlative sonic environment not only makes the room more pleasant, but is also proven to have a rather positive impact on your customer’s overall experience at the venue – thereby leading to enhanced business from the customer in addition to winning over their loyalty towards your brand. So, it comes as no surprise that every venue aspires to offer only the very best sound quality of background music, speech and announcements to its listeners.

As sound professionals, we at Audible Avenue are dedicated to empowering our customers to create the most impactful and pleasing sonic environments for their venues. The AA Series – which is the first in our line of commercial installation solutions – has been created with the intent of offering the most graceful, adaptable and user-friendly high-performance sound solutions available for commercial and public spaces.

With the series comprising three discreet multi-purpose loudspeakers i.e. the AA 3M, the AA 6F, and the AA 8M, along with the ultra-compact AA B10 subwoofer; Audible Avenue’s AA Series has been designed to seamlessly fit into any room and blend in with any style of décor with minimal visual intrusion while assuring a wide dispersion pattern and full range frequency response.

The AA Series leverages our in-house engineering and R&D teams’ decades of extensive experience in perfecting the nuances of impeccable sound delivery; with our products bringing together industry-leading transducers from FaitalPRO and other world-class components within aesthetically superior loudspeaker cabinets that have withstood grueling quality control tests to assure only the most optimum acoustic performance and application durability. Additionally, all members of the AA Series share the same voicing characteristics, which means that all of the loudspeakers within the series can be used simultaneously in a variety of permutations and combinations, with the assurance of experiencing a consistent tonal signature.

The resultant experience for Audible Avenue AA Series customers is a soundscape that emphasizes a level of clarity and detail that is extremely rare for other conventional loudspeaker series in its class; in a packaged solution that is ideally tailored to their individual needs.